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in washington state. mitt romney was the easy winner with 38% of the vote. ron paul narrowly edged rick santorum for second place, 25 to 24. newt gingrich got 10% of the vote. next up is the supertuesday contest. across ten states including ohio where jan crawford is on the trail in dayton tonight. jan, good evening to you. >> well, good evening, jeff, the candidates are out campaigning across the country. and what will be their last petition for both in the biggest test to come. rick santorum met voters in tennessee. mitt romney made his case in georgia. ron paul was headed to alaska, and newt gingrich made the rounds on the sunday talk shows. it's a sprint to the finish on tuesday when 419 delegates and 10 stating are up for grabs, more than all 9 other contests so far combinedded. >> romney now has the edge. he's one of the last five races including washington state yesterday. and now has 187 delegates followed by santorum with 65, gingrich at 30, and ron paul with 20. but that's a long way to a 1,144, the number needed to clinch the nomination. santorum says can get there if he and gingrich
swings to the deep south this week. in contest yet mitt romney won most of the delegates in wyoming whale rick santorum led the field in kansas. up next taos's primaries in alabama and mississippi. and tonight nancy cordis is on the trail in meridian, mississippi. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: jeff, good evening. each of the three top candidates is trying to lay claim to the conservative south. and evidently, they believe that the way to the voters hearts is through their stomaches. >> i like grits. >> reporter: it started on thursday in mississippi when mitt romney professed a new found love for southern cuisine. >> i started right with a biscuit and cheesy grit, i'll tell you, delicious. >> reporter: that lead newt gingrich who called georgia home for 30 areas to stir the pot in alabama. >> unlike one of may competitors, i have had grits before. if you don't understand grits there's a pretty high likely you don't understand the rest of the south either. >> reporter: rick santorum stayed out of the food fight but he came to mississippi today hungry for votes. >> why should a southern
trail tonight. first, jan crawford, who is with the romney campaign in cincinnati, ohio. >> my goal if i were to become president is pretty straightforward-- i want more jobs for the people of home. , for the people of america. >> reporter: in this key trying to manage expectations. he wants to win and he's fighting hard. romney's closed the gap with rick santorum. just last week, one poll had him down by double digits. the latest polls show he's cut that to four, within the margin of error. in the campaign events he has kept his focus on president obama. >> he wants to raise taxes. it will kill jobs. i will lower taxes to create more jobs and rising incomes. >> reporter: in television ads he's hit rick santorum hard. >> just another washington insider. >> reporter: when voters in ohio and nine other states cast ballots on tuesday, romney is counting on wins in at least three-- vermont, his home state of massachusetts, and virginia. and he's expected to win the overall delegate battle. but ohio is a statement, a big midwestern state that could show romney is in command of the race. now,
. a bayou bounce for rick santorum. he handily beat mitt romney in louisiana's republican primary. that gives santorum nine more delegates but doesn't much dent romney's big lead in the overall count. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," preparations in cuba for the arrival tomorrow of pope benedict xvi. >> glor: pope benedict is proving very popular in mention coach. it didn't hurt that he arrived at today's mass wearing a some bray row. hundreds of thousands turned out to attend the open-air service. tomorrow benedict heads to cuba where he faces a much tougher crowd. byron pitts is there. >> reporter: as the sun sets on another day in sant yaw santiago, government workers finished up the final preparations for pope ben digit's open-air mass here monday evening. in some places the smell of fresh paint overpowers the smell of a fresh cuban cigar. this father is a parish priest in santiago. what does it mean to have the pope in cuba? >> it is a presence that invites to have more faith, more hope, more solidarity. >> reporter: but for all the posters and enthusiasm, cuba is
's caucuses in kansas, where 40 delegates were at stake, mitt romney still energize wide lead on delegates over all. ball amia and mississippi hold primaries tuesday. the economy remains voters' number one issue. nancy cordes is in robertsdale, alabama, tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, terrell. the republican candidates have been hammering the president on the economy from the beginning, but recent and encouraging jobs figures have forced them to recalbright their message and their central rationale for change. until recently, the phrase "where are the jobs?" was a constant refrain on the campaign trail. >> our current president doesn't include how you create jobs and most of his policies are destructive at creating jobs. >> this president is not interested, in my opinion, in providing jobs. >> reporter: even before yesterday's positive jobs reports, 227,000 jobs created in february, the unemployment level had been creeping downward from a high of 10.2% to the current 8.3%. the shift has promptedly the republican candidates to turn their focus to other economic worries, li
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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